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Seba is glad to present the new catalog "SebaTools", a wide range of items and accessories that are complementary to our traditional PPE in the same sales channels:: manual and electric tools , for professionals or D.I.Y., electronic measuring instruments, electrical stuff and much more, to offer a bigger choice to our customers.
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PPE Vending Machine

 Seba Protezione has begun a new collaboration with Indaco Project, producer of the vending machine for PPE and tools called "TomWork Dispenser" that automates and manage the flow of PPE from the warehouse to the user, without any kind of supervision.
This vending machine brings immediate benefits by rationalizing costs of staff in charge of the distribution of PPE, in addition to optimizing the use of PPE. The collection of articles is carried out using a personal badge awarded to the employee/worker (the same used for company access control), the touch screen display incorporated into the structure it is simple and intuitive.
You can find all details on the manufacturer's website.
Our customer service is available to give you all information you need about this proposal feel free to contact us.

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The Italian logistics center opened in 2007 has a 20,000 square meters surface of which 7,500 are covered, with a capacity of 5,000 pallets, as well as 1,000 square meters of offices and showrooms.

Personal Protective Equipment

The experience SEBA has matured in safety device production allows them to guarantee constant, high quality service toward their clients, thanks to device reliability and delivery punctuality.
Starting from in-depth studies in specific needs of final users, SEBA is able to offer combined system solutions which are highly customisable both technically/functionally and with regards to packaging and in screen printing.
SEBA’s complete knowledge regarding personal protection devices allows them to provide specific consultations to their own retailers and partner firms.


Since more than 40 years on the Personal Protective Equiment market... [details]


mappa_euIn addition to the established presence in traditional markets such as the Iberian peninsula, the Balkans and Greece and a number of dealers in several other European countries, Seba maintains a constant effort to expand its international sales network


A full line for every kind of presonal protection on the job... [catalog]




In order to guarantee its clients global service mirroring the quality of the safety devices themselves, confirmed by ISO 9001 certification, SEBA has instituted a system of Quality Insurance whose role is to control technical, organisational and human elements which characterise relationships with our clients. [details]

Personal Protective Equipment

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Seba Protezione s.r.l
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44045 Renazzo - (FE) - Italy
Ph: +39 051 6856311
Fax: +39 051 6830161

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